Elizabeth Otten

Services & Rates

13 Week Total Body Transformation

Currently a 50% discount!!!!

13 week body and mind transformation program. We will tackle emotional, physical, and overall health! 
During this 13 weeks you will receive one 60 minute coaching session per week, a fitness program that is specifically catered to you, and a nutrition plan.  There is also options to join a friendly competition with other transformation participants… only 3 competitions per year and the winner receives a free 13 week program as well as a few special gifts.

First session is FREE….Payment plans available!

Free Health Coaching Session

60 minutes: $0.00

Let’s talk about your life goals and what I can do to help guide you towards them. 

Health Coaching sessions

Since we’ve already met let’s work together to meet your goals! Choose how many sessions you want and let’s get going!

Personal Training Session

One on One training session, can be done in person or online.

8 week Fitness Program

60 minutes: $150

I will create an 8 week program specific to you! This will come with a fitness routine that is 4, 5, or 6 days a week and last from 30-90 minutes a day depending on your goals. With your program you will receive 1 coaching session at the beginning of your 8 weeks so we can discuss your goals and expectations and one session after your 8 weeks is finished. 

Weekly check ins  through text available for an added $75

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